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The Basics

I'm a GenX creative with experience starting businesses, inventing a product, and writing novels and non-fiction. 

I'm a wife of a supportive and loving husband, I'm a mom to amazing adults, and I'm Nana to absolute geniuses.

I'm also still aspiring to do more. I want to help others through my writing as ministry. I want to spend more time deeply studying the guide to life that God has already provided us. I want to impact people for peace. 

The Depth 

Our loving God knows what is best for us, plans what is best for us, and does what is best for us. I know because I've lived it. I have spent time in the wilderness, God has led me out to some fulfilling and wonderful experiences, and then eventually I found myself lost, once again. God speaks to me primarily through my dreams. Sometimes he shows me literal signs with words, but most times he makes me do a little work, discernment, and prayer before I get the message. One thing I have always known is that God gave me a gift to communicate. Through writing, through teaching, and speaking to others. God has given each of us a gift...and most likely a lot of us have barriers to living out those gifts. I have committed to becoming a lifelong student of Christ to let my knowledge of Him become greater so that my wisdom has deeper impact as I work with each of you. 

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