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I realized if I wanted to know anything about this perimenopause thing that I'd have to put in the work. Since doctors only want to write up some hormone replacement therapy and I'm not a big fan of meds, I wanted to educate myself about the ways I can care for myself during this season of my life.

When I googled things like "perimenopause" and "menopause" I was appalled at the content that showed up in my searches. Most offensive was one resource that identified perimenopause as being "on the wrong side of forty." The wrong side of forty. The wrong side. Wrong. I've heard that phrase so many times in my life and now that it's me and I still feel like I should be in my early 30s, it has a different meaning now.

That launched a hundred thoughts that ran through my mind. Like who was the idiot that designated such a definition? I also thought about the fact that so many women are living through this very. long. season. with no direction, no support, and a lack of ability to talk about it.

I realized that when men go through a change of life and they need a little help with getting their manly parts to work, there's no shortage of clinics, pills, commercials, and mentions of it on TV shows and movies. Literally everyone is talking about it and how these poor men can be helped with their problems.

But when women try to talk about "the change," there are looks and cringes and demands to stop talking about it. The subject involves blood, or lack thereof, and emotional issues and physical issues and it's awkward and uncomfortable and no one wants to hear about it. They want us to take our estrogen pills and keep to ourselves. Honestly, when I first thought about starting this blog, I was worried I'd embarrass my husband, my family, or my business partner, possibly even my friends. Yet that's exactly the kind of thinking that's kept women from being able to come out from behind the curtain and stop hiding from their reality.

I don't want us to hide any longer. We need a community, a tribe with whom we can commiserate and share tips and helpful ways to regain some sense of normalcy through this season. We need trusted partners who will walk with us on this journey together, moving toward better health - both emotionally and physically.

I invite you to join me. I'm starting this journey toward making better choices in areas of nutrition, exercise, rest, and learning. I'm going to share the ups and downs of this season and I encourage you to do so as well. Move with me from the wrong side of forty to The Right Side of Grace.

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