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Political Promises

In this political climate and season, the one thing to remember as we determine who will get our one precious vote is which individual most aligns with our personal values. Not the one who makes promises about what their ideals are for our country. Whose voting record prior to the presidential campaign reflected their true beliefs and values? Every presidential candidate has a history – be that career, political, medical, etc. You have the opportunity to research each one and learn who truly reflects your American ideals.

When we base our choices on campaign promises, we are setting our nation up for failure and setting ourselves up for disappointment. A promise means to tell someone they will do something or meet an expectation. Promises are open for breaking. We all do it. We tell our kids we promise we’ll go to the park and then we end up with a really great excuse why it didn’t happen. We promise our spouses that we will love, honor and cherish them until death do us part, and then someone younger or more interesting comes along and “til death” becomes impossible. We promise we’ll tell the truth under oath and then lie on the witness stand.

We are human, we have the gift of freedom, and we have no one to account to but ourselves or those closest to us if we decide that promise no longer fits our personal needs. So, we make promises that we don’t keep and we either feel guilty about it or we don’t. But when a politician makes promises that aren’t kept, that effects an entire community, state or nation.

As a Christian, I cringe when I hear of God’s promises. I don’t know of any instance in the Bible where God said “I promise…,” nor did he refer to his statements as promises. He made definitive statements like “I will…” Mankind refers to His statements as His promises. We designate certain statements of God’s as promises, but they were, in fact, facts. He made covenants which carry much heavier meanings than a promise. His covenants were a contract that were always fulfilled. When God said He would do something, that meant that thing would absolutely come to pass. No one would stand by wondering if it would happen. His followers stood by waiting to see it happen, with every justified confidence that it would.

Remember this as you determine the candidate that best fits your expectations. Promises are man-made and subject to human ability and waning commitment. Do your homework before you make your final decision. Avoid the “news” postings that are quickly added to a social newsfeed with no mind to truth or validity. Someone that you deem popular or cool likely will be promoting their ideal candidate or tearing down the one they hate. You don’t have to follow their lead. Stay true to you and what you know to be right for you and your family and the future of our country. #GodBlessAmerica

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