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Little Luxuries

I've had a lot of conversations lately about the strange impact this COVID season has had on spending. In a time where it seems America would be tightening the purse strings, we're actually doing more now to support small businesses and even indulge in those little luxuries that perhaps we wouldn't have before we were home all the time.

I'm not talking about nor advocating for frivolous spending. I'm referring to investments into quality products that we would previously forego. We can't go out and get our hair and nails done, there are no spa days happening, and we're barely using our makeup since we have nowhere to go. Instead, we have focused on keeping ourselves healthy. Wellness is top of mind, but so is indulgence. We're eating great food whether it's curbside pickup or something we created in our own kitchens from our newfound gourmet skills.

We're sending gifts to friends and family, we're sending cards of encouragement, we're treating ourselves to luxuries so that we can feel a little better about our time at home. And that's okay! It's not about buying happiness, it's about investing in lasting products that will either improve our personal space or our well-being.

When done right, purchasing high quality, luxury items can make a lasting impact on our mental and physical health long after we're out of this season. I think it will help us to put more thought into what we buy, focusing more on an experience rather than just picking up a bunch of stuff because it was on sale and we were bored.

Currently, I'm rethinking my wardrobe. I'm living in pajamas and sweats these days, but I look at my closet with all the beautiful clothes I have that aren't being used and I've had a realization. I need beautiful clothes for about 20% of my life. I have meetings and outings and different activities where I want to look my best, but outside of that, I can be pretty casual. My casual clothes haven't quite hit the mark for the look I'd like. I've always wanted a signature style, but never achieved it. Now, I'm figuring that out and I am willing to spend more money on a few high-quality American made items than to see how much I can get for $100 at the brand name discount stores. I'm simply ready to move away from trends and close in on my own classic style.

My beauty drawer is getting an overhaul, too. I already invest in high quality skin care and makeup but I am going to pare the options down to what I actually use. My drawer full of 14 different shades of eye shadow simply aren't necessary.

I don't think I'm the only one rethinking my options and choices these days. I believe most of us are doing this and trying to figure out how to execute on it. I have several go-to products that I've become such a big fan of that I've joined their affiliate program and promote them on this site under My Favorite Things section. These are products or items I use and highly recommend. Especially the CBD products. There are so many out there, but I've narrowed down to the most trusted brands that work.

I would love to know how you're re-thinking your typical routines and purchases. What are you doing now that surprises you? I'd love to hear from you about the ways you've improved on your purchasing and strengthened your buying power to surround yourself with quality.

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