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Happy New Year, lovelies! On this second day of 2020, I'm guessing we've all created our list of goals, resolutions, words, intentions, and any other growth points we want to cover in this new year of this brand new decade. I have my fair share of them!

One of the top goals on my list is reading at least 4 books per month. Big, audacious goal because last year I read a total of 3 books. In the entire year.

My first book of the year is Called to Create by Jordan Raynor. The back cover starts with "The work you do today matters for eternity." Whoa. It made me pause and it made me realize I'm a creative person and I've put my creativity in a very narrow hole. Truth is, we're all creative in some way. Whether we've explored those talents is another story.

I know book clubs are difficult to do because, life. But I really think it's important to create a discussion group around this one. We can find our creativity in crafts, writing, pottery work, painting, and so many more ways. One thing that really got me thinking, though, is reading. Reading is a highly creative activity to engage in. It's one that allows us to imagine worlds in our minds that only we can see, to put our own spin on words to see people and places however we want to. That can't be done in any other medium.

Fiction novels offer us a way to get away from our own reality and explore other worlds we may never otherwise give a second thought. If I had to guess, I'd say the time we spend reading fiction has reduced drastically in the past 15-20 years, despite the Harry Potter phenomenon. There seems to be more mental issues, or maybe we're just hearing about it more, but I truly wonder, if we returned to our old past-times of reading fiction, could we improve our mindset? Our brains need a break from our responsibilities and our stress. Our creative minds need a release in order to bring our souls to peace.

I have two fiction novels in my list so far for the year. My goal is to increase that. In the meantime, would you join me in reading Called to Create? I believe it will be a great read to spur you to growth in your mindset. And, we're all better when we tackle these new concepts together, aren't we? Let me know when you have your book. We'll engage in discussion on the Right Side of Grace Facebook Community page. I look forward to visiting with you there!

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