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Imagine, a young girl who is engaged to be married learns she is pregnant. Her fiance is angry and embarrassed because they've never been intimate, so clearly this is not his child. His reputation is at stake, but he stands by her to see this through even though the baby wasn't his responsibility. The girl? She's a virgin so an unexpected pregnancy was not even a distant thought in her mind. She is confused, terrified, and hopeless. And then...

The angel went to her and said, “Greetings, you who are highly favored! The Lord is with you.” - Luke 1:28

I can imagine Mary saying, "What's that you say?" Internally processing her situation and then an angel comes to her and tells her she's favored and the One True God is with her. Can you imagine? A young, unmarried teenager gets pregnant and she's called favored! She is assured that God is with her! It sounds like everything is as it's meant to be. It seems like she's not alone and the child she is carrying is going to be used for good.

If the most unexpected pregnancy in the history of creation was met with favor, celebration and God's love, when did we so severely depart from this view? How have we become so convinced that a baby, unintentionally conceived in less than ideal circumstances, deserves less of a right to live than any other?

Sure, God sent Jesus. That was His son, that was the God of the universe's plan. It's different than a 19-year-old in 2020 with no job, no man, and no future. A baby would ruin her life. Her baby would have no hope of a happy home. Her baby will likely end up in foster care or abused or poor. Doesn't it make more sense to terminate that baby to spare it from certain despair in this world?

God could have sent Jesus in any way He wanted to. He could have stirred him up from dust, He could have plopped him down, full grown in the middle of the road, or He could have washed him ashore on a beach. Instead, He chose a young, homeless girl, with no husband, no job, and no education to carry and give birth to a baby that she didn't think she wanted. But then, God used that situation and that baby to change the trajectory of Mary's life. Her baby gave her a new purpose, a new confidence, and a new determination to raise a young man who would eventually save the world. Babies have the power to change everything for the better.

Yes, Jesus was born to be our Savior. But it was very important to God that Jesus be born man, so that we can see the value in life because He was human just like us. Every single baby can be a savior in some way. To their mom, their dad, their grandparents. They may grow up to develop a cure for cancer or create new forms of energy or any number of incredible contributions that make the world and this life a better place.

The Christmas season celebrates the birth of Jesus, the Savior of the World. May it also be a reminder that every baby has value and their birth should be just as highly anticipated as the birth of Jesus Christ. Nobody truly knew who Jesus would become, but yet Mary was encouraged to give Him life, Joseph stayed with her to support her, and people surrounded them in love an anticipation for what He would do in this world. What would it be like if we encouraged and loved on women facing an unexpected pregnancy rather than convincing them they have a choice?

The chances of a person being born are 1 in 400 Trillion. This means that every pregnancy is an actual miracle. God creates every single life and He never makes mistakes. Instead of immediately referring to a baby as a choice, let's refer to him as a miracle. Doesn't the conversation become much different now? Instead of desperate, the woman becomes favored and instead of a burden, the baby becomes a miracle. That leaves one choice: the birth of a precious baby who will bless the world in their own beautiful way.

May you all have a blessed and miraculous Christmas celebrating the King of the World!

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