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ADHD: Plan For Distraction

Talk of ADHD is everywhere these days and it seems like everyone has it. And they probably do. I recently read that you have around a 74% chance of inheriting it from a parent. Those are pretty much guaranteed odds in my book. Mostly, people make fun of themselves and view it as a negative trait that oppresses their ability to get anything done and done well.

Agreed. ADHD makes us work harder at daily tasks that seem to come easily for everyone else. As for me, I've been running in high gear for as far back as I can remember. I didn't do well in school because I couldn't pay attention in class. It seems like I was always tired if I was in class. Likely boredom and distraction. Once I joined the working class, I've consistently had more than one job. There's always been the main job and then the job I do on the side. Yes, the side hustle.

In my corporate positions I held in the past, I always took on more than one job description because I could more work than most others in a day. But, I procrastinated that work. Major projects were put off until the 11th hour. I could cover up my lack of preparation and come out looking like a genius. And then I'd wonder why no one else has to do as much work as I do. I brought it on myself because I craved consistently changing priorities.

Fast forward to a lot of things happening over the past couple months that led me to realize I have ADHD. So does my daughter, and likely most people in my family immediate and extended. We just never realized it because we grew up in a time when everything was diagnosed and labeled. Kids in my time were labeled the good kid, the troubled kid, the kid that "got in with a bad crowd" and of course, the black sheep of the family. Aside from the good kid, all the others probably would have a lot of official diagnoses today.

I've been an entrepreneur for the past 6 years and still have never done just one thing. I've had multiple fires going, but none of them more than a low flame. Now I recognize that's due to my distraction, my lack of confidence, my ignorance at my need for extra effort to make things happen. ADHD can often look (and feel) like laziness.

I'm grateful that after recognizing my ADHD brain, God led me to the Full Focus Planner. Yes, I've created a business based on it. I'm a Certified Pro so that I can provide coaching and training to others on how to use it and get the most benefit from it. It's unlike any other planner I've used (and I've gone through a lot of planners over the years and never fully used one of them). It is detailed and requires effort and dedication which is perfect for the ADHD to practice being focused in order to accomplish our big goals or even our daily tasks.

I'm so excited to help you gain control over your distraction and disorganization with the Full Focus Planner. The benefits of it are many. I'm also going to show you why and how to start seeing ADHD as a gift instead of a curse.

Drop a comment if you use a planner and how it's helped you or if you have a tendency to fall off the wagon after a few months.

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