Put Your Life Into Focus

  • Full Focus Coaching

    Learn how to use the Full Focus Planner
    Valid for one week
    • Full Focus Coaching
    • Planner Sample Pages
    • Q&A Session
    • Meeting time that works with your schedule
  • Business Mentoring

    Every month
    Start and operate a business with confidence!
    • Business Startup Checklist
    • Marketing Tips for Your Industry
    • Weekly Zoom Mentoring - 45 minutes
    • Monthly Marketing Brainstorm
    • Learn How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals
    • Meeting time that works with your schedule
  • Business Focus Plan

    Every month
    A combination of the Business Plan and Full Focus Plan
    • Business Mentoring Plan
    • Full Focus Planner Coaching
    • Weekly Zoom Meetings - 60 minutes
    • Learn How to Reverse Engineer Your Goals
    • Full Focus Planner Sample Pages
    • Meeting time that works with your schedule

Learn more about...

Full Focus Planner Coaching

In this training, you'll enjoy 90 minutes of integrated learning to best utilize the Full Focus Planner for life, business, family...and best of all, all of the above!


If you deal with ADHD, a busy family schedule, client meetings, big goals, or habits you want to create or stop, the Full Focus Planner is going to be your new best sidekick. I'll help you understand how to drill down your daily Big 3 and become consistent in tracking your progress on goals and habits.


I am a Full Focus Planner Certified Pro which means you'll get in-depth training, insights, and best practices that I learned directly from Michael Hyatt himself. Along with the 90 minutes of training, you'll receive Full Focus Planner sample pages so that you can jump right in to put the pages to use and see how it works in real-time.

Business Mentoring

There are plenty of books and community courses on starting a business, but you benefit more from having direct access to someone who has been where you are. Learning what you need to know, on your timeline, is one of the many benefits of my Business Mentoring service. Whether you need a one-time session to work through some business blocks, or you're seeking a monthly time dedicated to brainstorming, receiving guidance, and learning what you need to start your business, my Business Mentoring package delivers all of it. 

Business Focus Plan

Give yourself the best start at building a business while also managing and protecting your time. Incorporating the Full Focus Planner into your life as you start a business is a real game-changer. I've used a ton of planners and this is the one that made the difference between writing things down and actually doing them. I'll show you how business integrates with life and how to make it all work together. This full package of Business and Planner Mentoring will be breath of fresh air you need after being weighed down by all the stress of being an entrepreneur.